Failure To Pay Prevailing Wages

In the state of Massachusetts, the Prevailing Wage Law has a minimum wage set that an employer has to pay their employees for a public works project. This law allows for the Secretary of Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development to set the rates for each occupation type that an employer must pay their employees. The minimum rate set by the secretary must be paid by the employer to the employees. If you find that you have not been justly compensated for work on a project, then you may have a case. Let our experienced Massachusetts Employment attorneys help you with your case.

At Malonis Law Office, we have served several employees seek just compensation in cases such as this. Certain jobs fall under the Prevailing Wage Law and it is important for employees to understand such positions. Different employees are entitled to wages based on this law.

If you work on a public construction project, operate equipment or vehicles that are used by public entities, or school bus transportation and other positions, then your employer may be required to provide you a prevailing wage based on the classification of your position. Even if you have union status, an employer has to be in compliance on any project where government funds of $2,000 or more are used or if the project is based on a municipal contract.

The employer will be a contractor or a subcontractor who will need to comply with the law or they will face stiff fines for being noncompliant. Employees who have not been justly compensated can contact our office and we will help start a claim in an effort to recover substantial damages if the proper protocol was not followed. In some cases, the employer may be forced to pay triple the damages to the employee for failing to pay the wages in a timely manner.

The employer should have an understanding of the law if they are going to work on public works projects or government contracts. They should know what they need to pay employees and be sure they follow all laws in that regard. If you have worked in a position where the individual has not paid you the right amount, following the Prevailing Wage Law, then you may be subject to a compensation claim.

Your employer needs to follow the law and if they are not going to pay their employees correctly, then they need to be held accountable for their actions. At Malonis Law Offices, we have helped many employees seek compensation when they were not paid correct wages for work completed. Our team has vast experience in assisting others with such cases, fighting for compensation when payment was not provided based on the Prevailing Wage Law.

When you or a loved one is affected by improper payment based on Prevailing Wage Law terms, we can help. Contact our law office today to learn more about your rights. Let our attorneys hear your case and determine if you have a right to file a claim for unpaid wages.