Contract Disputes

Contracts are common practice in the business world and as employment law attorneys, we often deal with cases involving contract disputes. At Malonis Law Office, we have extensive experience in litigating contract matters, helping those who were wronged to see compensation. With many disputes, the problem is the written terms of the contract or one party’s failure to perform what was required in the contract. When you are subject to contract disputes, it is important to have an experienced employment law attorney by your side. Attorney Malonis is a contract disputes lawyer in Lowell Massachusetts. Our attorneys can easily review your case and help you begin to take legal action.

In Massachusetts, contract disputes fall under a six-year statute of limitations. With a written or oral contract, all parties involved are supposed to act in fairness and in good faith. In many cases, a breach of contract will be a result of one party acting in bad faith or breaching the contract based on certain conditions of the agreement.

When you are subject to a breach of contract, it can be frustrating and disappointing. Perhaps you were not paid for a job completed or you are withholding payment due to the other party not fulfilling their end of the deal. Whatever the case may be, our attorneys can assist you with legal action. At Malonis Law Office, we will listen to your case and create an effective legal strategy that will remedy the situation, mitigating any damages as needed.

The action taken will be dependent on your individual case. In some instances, a demand letter will be sent to initiate a negotiation or litigation, including mediation. If litigation becomes a reality, motions for prejudgment relief may be filed as well as a civil complaint. An aggressive strategy may be needed in order to reach a resolution swiftly.

It is not uncommon for a party to interpret the terms of a written contract in a different manner than the other party. Conflicting interpretations can take place which results in a contract dispute. If this happens, you will be better served by hiring an experienced attorney. Our Massachusetts employment law professionals have vast experience in handling such cases and can help you make the right decisions to see a resolution take place.

Any discrepancies in the interpretation of the terms found within the contract will need to be repaired with the other party, which can sometimes be done via negotiations or mediation. If that will not work, legal action will need to be taken.

To start, our attorneys will need to review your case and determine the issue at hand. Once the contract dispute issue is revealed, we can then come up with a plan of action. We work with you every step of the way to find a resolution that will be beneficial to you, helping to resolve the contract issues so you can move forward with your business.

If you are currently struggling with a contract dispute involving your business or employment, Contact Us Here or give us a call today to speak with a contract disputes lawyer. We look forward to hearing your case and creating a plan to see the issue resolved in a timely manner. 978-453-4500.